Resurrection Bread

a parent and a child kneading dough

It simply must be faced that transubstantiation, the teaching which claims this physical bread is the physical body of Christ, simply runs in the wrong direction. We don’t want to bring Christ down. Paul has warned us about that kind of thing. Romans 10:6, “Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? (that is, to bring Christ down from above:).” 

The truth is far better. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. This meal is not about the resurrected body of Christ coming down, but we the bride of Christ going up, rising to feast with our resurrected Savior. 

We are not responsible for His resurrection. We did not bring Him up from the grave. We are not responsible for His ascension. We did not hoist Him up to the heavens. What makes us think we could pull Him back down now here at this table?

This supper is much more glorious than that. 

The glory is that we truly commune with Christ in this meal, and the Christ with whom we commune is the One who walked out of the grave. The sons of Adam here participate in, fellowship with, and feed upon the Second Adam, who is not merely a living soul, but a life-giving Spirit. 

Would you live? Then you must come to Christ. Would you have more resurrection power in your daily life? Then come eat and drink. But, this is the central thing, you must eat and drink more than bread and wine. You must eat and drink Christ.

The only way to do so is by faith. And the only faith that will do, is faith in the crucified and risen One. Feed on Him by faith and like Him you too will rise again. So come in faith and welcome to Jesus Christ.

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