Eleanor Update: Thanks Be to God

We thank you for your prayers for little Eleanor. The Lord has answered them, and quick. In the wake of all the prayers going up, Eleanor began breathing smoothly with high oxygen levels. They have moved her to heavy flow (very good step) and are even weaning her off that with good results. Feeding tube removal and some liquids and solids by mouth are in her near future. All to say, we ask you to turn those petitions into high thanksgivings; and turn those heavy firepower petitions to the next battlefield. All quiet on the Eleanor front.

Below is a short video from our helicopter ride. Eleanor was just behind me on a stretcher receiving great care from two members of the Life Flight medical team. I was not flying this bird, but I was tempted to and resisted manfully.

Thank God for:

  • Christ Church and the whole Kirker Community in Moscow, Idaho. They were the Marines of this prayer operation, being the first in.
  • Story Family Medicine in Moscow
  • Sacred Heart Hospital here in Spokane, Washington. Their medical staff from doctors to nurses and in between have provided great care for Eleanor.
  • The Life Flight team; they are professional and know just what they’re doing.
  • Gritman Medical Center, the hospital in Moscow. Their staff did a great job caring for Eleanor initially.
  • Saints from here to Timbuktu who interceded on our behalf.

We asked the Lord to answer our prayers for Eleanor in such a way that the world would know that He is God in heaven and rules the kingdoms of men (Daniel 4:17). He has done that and we are grateful. He is the God of miracles and medicine, BiPAP machines, angels, and nurses fingers. He is the God who sent the Second Adam into the world to save it. And that Adam, laid down his life and rose again to save sinners. He is a Good Savior. He is our King. Lift high the name.

From my household to yours, thank you for your prayers.

10 thoughts on “Eleanor Update: Thanks Be to God

  1. Amber McNutt says:

    Praise Jesus Sweet Cousins🙌🏻 we’ve been there with Elijah to many times to count. We’re praying fervently for all of you. Bipap, heavy flow and NG tubing have been an answer to prayer for our daily lives. I hate her having to go through this as well but praise God for his Devine intervention on our behalf. Lifting all of you up and all those you come across sharing faith on this journey.

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