Take Heed How You Build

close up photo of a condenser microphone

When we fell in our father Adam, our work became fraught with difficulties. But our sin does more than simply make work hard. Our sin has also made work risky. I don’t simply mean that we can now climb up ladders and fall down to break bones. I mean that the fruit of our hands itself is put in jeopardy by our sin. The spirit of the age rejects this truth. It says that you can live like a wretch and keep your business in order. You can keep your immorality in one compartment of your life and keep your entrepreneurial endeavors in another compartment, unstained by your envy, lust, and temper.

But Paul says in 1 Corinthians 3 that every man must take heed how he builds on Christ. Yes, you have Christ as the foundation. And thanks be to God for that. But some will build with gold and others silver. Still others will build with wood, hay, and stubble. And what you have built will be brought into the light and tested by fire to show whether it was the real thing or not. 

Put it this way: You never get away with sin. And this is God’s kindness to us. You may be able to hide it for a short while. It may not destroy your grades, your company, or your family in an instant. But hear this soberly. The rot always rots. You work far too hard to ruin your work because of unconfessed sin. 

God is going to test all of the little projects you are working on and all of the big ones too. So take heed how you build. Build in holiness. Build in wisdom. Build in humility and gratitude. Build diligently and always build while confessing your sin.