Fervent in Spirit

close up photo of a condenser microphone

Amid a string of rapid-fire exhortations in Romans 12, the Apostle Paul says to be fervent in spirit. This particular command is wedged between two others. Just before, Paul said not to be slothful in business. Just after, he said to serve the Lord. So this fervent spirit isn’t simply some emotional buzz that never moves the feet and hands. It motivates us to get down to business. Neither does this fervent spirit simply make a man busy. The business you are to be up to, driven by a fervent spirit, is the business of serving the Lord.

It is not hard to see that if we would fulfill this command, we need something foreign or alien. Our own hands can’t stir our spirit. We can’t see our spirit or touch our it. What, are we to grab our spirit like a top and spin it to get it whirling? What’s more, our own spirit can’t stir our spirit. It is our own spirit that must be stirred in the first place. If we are going to obey this command it is quite plain that we must be visited. We are left praying like Augustine when he said, “Command what you will, God; and grant what you command.”

Our Father loves to hear and answer that prayer. Our God is a rushing wind. He is the Great Visitor. His Word, the One who visited Mary, is living and active. That is why you must be active. You must be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect. If you find yourself a bit worn out, perhaps in need of a rest. That’s more than OK. Rest in Christ. Trust Him. You’ll find your youth renewed like the eagle’s. And that youthful vitality will run all the way down to your soul.