Pornography Problems

close up photo of a condenser microphone

We should not only avoid pornography. We should hate it with a deep hatred. It is a peculiar, modern perversion which causes unique problems. Two hallmarks of most pornography use cause these troubles: First, pornography involves physical isolation and therefore, Second, it lacks physical communion between a man and a woman. Pornography is therefore a sexual sin that perfectly fits our rampant Individualism and our Gnosticism. We think we can survive on our own (Individualism). And now we think we can have sex on our own. People denied that Jesus came in the flesh (Gnosticism). And we now deny that sex must be done in the flesh. These troubles are worth facing.

The individualism of pornography leads a man further and further into isolation, cutting away his appetite for true community with God foremost, his wife, his family, and his fellow Christians. He will find himself not only separated from the knowledge of God and others, but he will eventually be separated from himself. He won’t be able to say to himself, “Why are you downcast O my soul?” He won’t know his own soul.

The Gnosticism of pornography detaches a man from the goodness of God’s physical creation. He would rather images and screens than a flesh and blood woman created in the image of God. He would rather live in his head than in the tangible world God made. He ends up day dreaming about winning, rather than putting in the hard work of actually doing so.

God did not give Adam a hologram. He did not give Adam a mere image, but a flesh and blood image, a living soul that Adam could put his arms around. 

Pornography trains your appetites contrary to nature and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ came in the flesh. And sex is designed to be in the flesh. Christ came to restore fellowship and communion. And sex is designed for husband and wife to renew such fellowship and communion.

If porn has you, then confess it to God and a pastor or elder. There is a way out.