Why Stand Ye Gazing Up Into Heaven?

close up photo of a condenser microphone

It would have been glorious to stand with the apostles on the Mount of Olives and behold our Lord’s ascension. As wonderful as the moment must have been, the apostles did eventually lose sight of Him. Then, two men in white apparel asked them, “Why are you standing here gazing up into heaven?”

It’s as if you can almost hear a faun or some other Narnian creature approaching the Pevensie children, just after they lost sight of Aslan, “Yes, yes, quite a sight that was. But no sense in standing around here looking at the sky. Better be getting on with it.”

There is nothing like our Lord’s ascension into heaven to set a man living right on earth. Deuteronomy 29:29 says, “the secret things belong to God and the things revealed belong to us and our children.” Why are you standing here saints, trying to peer into the secret things? You know where Christ is. He revealed that much to you. Get on with living accordingly. 

Apply this principle all the way through. Why are you standing here, peering into your fickle emotions considering whether you’re a Christian or not? He has already revealed that you are by placing His triune name on your heads. Better be getting on with obedience. Your children? He has already revealed that His Word and Spirit will not depart from them. Better be getting on with raising them in the Lord. Your remaining sin? He has already revealed it is doomed. Better be getting on with killing it. Will God’s promises really manifest themselves down here? Friend, the virgin’s belly has already swollen with the Promised One. Why are you standing around gazing at the sky with silly questions? Enough of that. It’s time to be getting on with it.