Pregnant Men and Gay Marriage: Why Did the Daily Wire Echo the Radical Left?

So last week God did us yet another kindness. His goodness overflows, this you know. We seem hellbent on running over the cliff, debased mind and all. But God keeps yanking on the rope. He keeps saying, “Hey! Hey! Stop that nonsense and get back over here.” And he is saying just that to us through the recent dance that the ostensibly conservative Daily Wire just did with the Radical Left. Yes, tis true, they don’t normally frolic in the same meadow. But they did last week. And we can get down to the very heart of our trouble by zooming in on them holding hands, skipping along together into oblivion.

I refer to Jordan Peterson’s recent Daily Wire interview with Dave Rubin and the radical leftist Berkley law professor Khiara Bridges’ testimony before the Senate judiciary committee. Dave Rubin is a same sex relationship and his interview with Jordan Peterson covered same sex marriage and gay parenting. These two exchanges mapped on to each other quite well. Jordan, Dave, and Professor Bridges were singing the same song, albeit Jordan and David were paying lip service to the heavens while doing so and Professor Bridges was paying no lip service to the heavens. That needs some explaining so here it goes. 

Ms. Bridges has swallowed the LGBTQ lie all the way down such that she asked Senator Josh Hawley if men can get pregnant. Now, this question makes us spew out our Sweet Tea in an uproar of laughter such that the carpet is soiled and sugared and the neighbor wakes up from the noise, leaping off his pillow liked a gaffed salmon, as Wodehouse once put it. Praise God that we can still laugh at that silly question. And praise God that the senator had his wits about him. He could run the equation. And he replied, “No, I don’t think men can get pregnant.” Ms. Bridges replied with an extra helping of sass that the senator was then denying that trans people exist.

Now, let us make some sense of this encounter. Professor Bridges attempted to make the point that a real woman who pretends to be a man is both a real man and capable of pregnancy. Thus it follows, in her book, that men can get pregnant. The Senator maintained his opposition, refusing to say that a man can become pregnant. In response, Ms. Bridges charged the Senator with denying that transpeople exist. Now, Senator Hawley did not deny that the person in question exists. He denied that the person in question (a woman) is a man. 

In short, Ms. Bridges thinks that reality is what you make it. She watched Cinderella one to many times, forgetting that when Cinderella sang that charming tune, she was lying. You remember how it went:

Have faith in your dreams and someday

Your rainbow will come smiling through

No matter how your heart is grieving

If you keep on believing

The dream that you wish will come true

Well that is down right poison is what that is. Ms. Bridges contends that if a woman wishes to become a man, and she keeps on believing in her wish, then she indeed will become a true man. The truth is that she simply won’t. And anyone who loves such a woman will maintain that she won’t.

Now, what does the Daily Wire interview have to do with this? Well, the Daily Wire interview exudes the same sentiment. If a man wishes to be married to another man, if he just keeps on believing in his wish, then he indeed will be married to a man. The same Cinderella song is playing in the background. The truth is that no matter how strong the desire might be, a man cannot be married to another man. And if the response comes back, “Then you’re denying that gay marriage exists.” I would say that is exactly right. Gay marriage no more exists, than a pregnant man exists.

Now, in the Daily Wire interview, Jordan Peterson noted that the ideal is heterosexual monogamy. That’s why I said before that Jordan and Dave paid lip service to the heavens. They acknowledged that up there in the heavens somewhere there is an ideal of marriage. And that ideal is heterosexual marriage. But, hey, they said, no one lives up to their ideals. So, in their assessment, homosexual marriage can approximate the ideal.

Professor Bridges speaks as if there is no God at all. We can simply shape things down here however we’d like. Women can become men and vice versa. Jordan and Dave speak as if there is some heavenly principle, some standard, some prototype or archetype up there. And they maintain that life down here really does need to approximate that ideal if at all possible. Along these lines, they paid lip service to motherhood and they note the advantages of breastmilk. Dave Rubin made sure to say that he saw how important these things were such that he keeps two industrial sized refrigerators in the garage stocked with breastmilk. It’s not a mother, but it is something approximating a mother. And that ought to give you the heebie-jeebies.

The truth is that the Daily Wire echoed the radical left because in these two interviews the participants denied the Creator. They denied the Covenant-keeping God. They denied Christ. The Creator made them male and female (Genesis 1). And his creation cannot be undone. And God also creates marriage. And what God has joined together, let not man separate. God is the one who does the joining. He really does the marital joining. And Jordan and Dave deny that covenantal work of God.

I am particularly zealous for Jordan Peterson to bow the knee to Christ. He has said many remarkable things and at various times has seemed to be on the brink of calling on the Lord. But his fundamental error popped out in his interview with Dave Rubin. In a fairly recent interview, Peterson cited C. S. Lewis to the effect that Christ is the one who joins what Peterson calls the narrative world and the objective world. Peterson admits that this idea seems plausible to him. He admits that it is terrifying to think that Christ unites these two worlds. 

Peterson appreciates an “ideal” that must be approximated on earth. He appreciates a “moral world” that must be appropriated somehow down here. And thus he upholds the “ideal” of heterosexual monogamy, while trying to find a way to get along down here with gay marriage and parenting. 

But the truth is, Jesus Christ really is the Word made flesh. Jesus Christ holds all things together. And without him nothing holds together. Christians will not bend on the transgender issue because to do so is to deny that the Word became flesh. Christians will not bend on the transgender issue because to do so is not merely to misappropriate an ideal, to do so is not merely to be a misshapen shadow, to so so is to attempt to twist the very fabric of reality. Christians will maintain the truth that same sex marriages do not exist. And they will do so because God is not trapped in an upper world, a narrative world, or an ideal world. He creates marriage. He joins together, or he does not.

Why did the Daily Wire echo the Radical Left? Why did they attempt to say things are that are not? They denied Christ. And that is the heart of our trouble. To deny him is to embrace a lie. To deny him is to call good evil and evil good. To deny him, is to have your world fall apart, for “he is before all things, and by him all things consist” (Colossians 1:17).