He Became Poor and We Became Rich

a parent and a child kneading dough

Scripture says that our Lord was rich and became poor. Not without reason, of course. He became poor so that we might become rich. And become rich we have, every one of us. Our wealth is here laid out before us. 

David could say that the LORD had put more joy in his heart than vain men had when their grain and wine abounded. We can and must say the same with him. But, we can say more. We live in the new covenant. We live in the year of the Lord’s favor. We live in that age in which the Son of God has taken upon human flesh and given it as life for the world. He has given his flesh and blood for us. 

As the old hymn says, “Here he gives Himself to us as bread. Here as wine we drink the blood He shed.”

That means that your wealth is not merely some idea. Your wealth is not imaginary. Your wealth is not even immaterial. Your wealth is a man. You have been yoked to Him, bound to Him. He is your head. What your head gets, you, His body, get. How could you not? He’s not a decapitated head.

This Second Adam, to whom we have been bound by covenant, is no mere man. He is a man-King. He owns Nebraska. Nebraska is ours in Christ. Things are ours. But you must always remember that they are ours in Christ, which is something altogether different than things being ours apart from Christ.

As we come to this table, we come as one rich body. So come grateful for this grace of God; and come assuming the responsibility laid on the rich man: Be rich toward God. Come in faith and welcome to Jesus Christ.